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  • Turning Wrong into Right

    Turning Wrong into Right

    Parenting a challenged child, without the crutch of wine-time, is about understanding the power of simply taking it one day at a time. Don’t worry so much about the future Just focus on being present today About turning to alcohol? Try not to be swayed!Or the future… probably won’t be ok What you are able…

  • Poison’s Gate

    Poison’s Gate

    Please gather round my dearest friendsAnd to this tale your ears doth lend.My tale thus speaks, of highs and lowsAnd seems the same where life goes. There was a time when days were long All full of youth of wine of song. But time and tides are no-ones slaves They soon destroy such joyful days.…

  • 18 Months Sober: Fulfilling the Promise of Hope

    18 Months Sober: Fulfilling the Promise of Hope

    My sponsor sent me a picture yesterday of someone opening a wine bottle in the hatchback of their SUV at 11 o’clock in the morning.  She commented she was glad that was not her anymore.  I agreed but said I would’ve at least waited until I got inside the car.  Which was kind of dark…

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