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Are you Triggered? Craving? Reaching for a Drink? STOP!

I have come to appreciate, really appreciate, just how strong I can be. I have had easy days….no worries or concerns or dramas. And I’ve had days where, if I let my imagination take over? Tons of worries and concerns and dramas. I have also come to truly understand the depth & breadth of alcohol’s

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Write Your Own Narrative

Nine years ago, having been sober for four years, I had decided that I should be ok having the odd drink and if I was wrong?…Well I’d just stop drinking again. Suffice to say I was very soon back to drinking every night. I couldn’t stop, and frankly didn’t want to! I’m starting a hypnotherapy

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To Count or not to Count : Lightening Up the Sobriety Routine

The answer to that is always up to the individual, but I was listening to several podcasts while I cleaned my house, and a few lights came on. The hosts were questioning the value of counting days and “sober time” and anniversaries and the positives/negatives of that. The positives are pretty obvious but for those

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How do You Stop Drinking When You Love to Drink?

Barbed Heart Tough Love

If you’re trying to stop drinking how do you break the cycle of getting to day three and drinking again? I loved to drink. Giving it up felt like cutting off an arm. I had moments of Bliss, and Hope, and Gratitude, in my early weeks alcohol free, but I also had moments where I

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