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Breaking the Spell of Wine o’ Clock

When I was drinking routinely I worried about the health consequences, but articles like this, The Top 10 Health Risks of Alcohol for Women, According to an MD, did little to help me stop. Usually, those articles frightened me, which made me want to pour a glass of wine to relax. No matter how clear

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Are you Triggered? Craving? Reaching for a Drink? STOP!

When I am triggered, I imagine that I am walking through the woods. The well-worn path is the alcohol path. It is entrenched and deep. In my sobriety, I am paving a new path, right next to the old path. Each time I am triggered and I don’t drink, I imagine lifting a shovel full of dirt (clearing the way for my new path) and throwing it into the old trench. The visual reminds me that my brain is recovering, too. The triggers are nothing more than phantom pain (like an amputee who still feels his foot). This imagery helps me move through the experience without caving.

Write Your Own Narrative

I’m starting a hypnotherapy course in October, and the reading I have been doing in preparation has taught me a great deal. Probably the most important thing I’ve learned, is how our daily experience is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves. Nine years ago, having been sober for four years, I had decided that

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To Count or not to Count : Lightening Up the Sobriety Routine

The answer to that is always up to the individual, but I was listening to several podcasts while I cleaned my house, and a few lights came on. The hosts were questioning the value of counting days and “sober time” and anniversaries and the positives/negatives of that. The positives are pretty obvious but for those

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