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  • Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycemia

    Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycemia

    When trying to stop drinking, regardless of our degree of dependence on alcohol, many of us experience cravings at a ‘witching hour’, often between 4 and 8 pm. I used to think this was just because it was a habit to have a drink after a long day. We ‘deserved’ a drink and so had…

  • Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycaemia

    Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycaemia

    In a nutshell, the witching hour is most likely a sign of low blood glucose (hypoglycaemia) rather than some psychological weakness or failing. So, fix the hypoglycemia and the cravings will go away. They do anyway after some time alcohol free, which could be because the hypoglycemia’s been fixed or because the liver has returned…

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