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  • If the world were coming to an end would I drink?

    If the world were coming to an end would I drink?

    Today as I watched the Sunday news and reviews, I was remembering an epiphany I had a couple of years ago. I was out walking my dog and enjoying the sunrise and the wildflowers. It was spring and the natural world was full of early morning promise. But there was some troubling news that had…

  • I’m tougher without wine

    I’m tougher without wine

    “Life is tough darling but so are you” I’m tougher without wineThe stuff that dumbs us down I’d rather life shine  No one’s life is perfect And it’s all so worth it Dark clouds all around No sun to be found  Find a torchTurn on it’s light It’ll be alright  Pour love over wounds not wine It’ll be fine ❤…

  • Hats off to the Cornerman

    Hats off to the Cornerman

    And when the fight is over and the decision has been delivered. Whatever the result, a good corner man will have spotted some things to work on for future fights. In the immediate aftermath, they allow a boxer to bask in the glory of a win or savour the unpalatable truth of a defeat without…

  • BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

    BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

    Ok so sometimes life is shitThere’s no denying itBut by being sober We learn to live in the chaos And make sense of it We find we are stronger We can help others for longer Instead of just focusing on ourself Leaving their needs on the shelf We can bolster the self worth of others We can be better friends, lovers,…

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