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  • Romancing the Parasite – Alcohol Kills

    Romancing the Parasite – Alcohol Kills

    Alcohol-related deaths have doubled in the past 20 years. That statistic should be shocking to people. Why has alcohol become such a deadly force in the 21st century? Alcohol Use Disorder kills 1 out of every 10 adults age 20 to 64, making alcoholism more deadly than automobile crashes, opioid abuse, and gun violence combined.…

  • Redefining ‘Me Time’

    Redefining ‘Me Time’

    I saw an e-card on Facebook about eight years ago that made me laugh out loud. “Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine for your mom on mother’s day. You’re one of the reasons she drinks” That same e-card seems to come up every year with different illustrations and every year I have…

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