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Anxiety, Alcohol and Sobriety

woman hiding under covers anxiety alcohol and sobriety

Disclaimer: Many people suffer from anxiety disorders. They are very real, very treatable medical conditions. The intent of this post is not to speak about anxiety in terms of those medical conditions, but rather to speak about it as it relates to my experience with alcohol abuse and sobriety. If you are struggling with anxiety

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Evolving From my First Sober Christmas – Anger, Nature & Miracles

I’ll never forget my first sober Christmas. It’s a tough gig being sober in the Christmas season! I think a lot of us are feeling triggered by all the booze around at this time of year : social media, commercials, posters, parties, stacks and stacks of booze at the end of supermarket aisles. And then

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Sober I am no Longer the Victim in the Tragedy of my own Making

Opehilia Sinking but Sober I am no longer the victim of my own tragedy

“She sinks. She sinks in holy sadness. Like an Ophelia in tears she sinks”― Georges Rodenbach My brother, who works with addicts in a hospital, told me that the average number of times it takes to really quit drinking and stay sober is five. So four practice runs and then finally on the 5th one sobriety

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The Alcohol and Depression Rollercoaster

Roller coaster alcohol and depression

Drink me up and drink me down. 2020 has been a roller coaster year in which anxiety, depression, and related substance abuse have increased substantially. Drinking alcohol is considered by many to be an acceptable escape from loneliness, stress, and sorrow. But in this epic year of crisis after traumatic crisis, it can be hard

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