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5 Reasons I Stopped Drinking – A Holistic Look at My Alcohol Abuse and Sober Solution

Woman with tree on earth in water Holistic healing choose to be sober

My heart hurts for everyone who is drinking too much and feels they cannot stop. It hurts for the people who’ve had a breakdown in familial relationships due to alcohol. My heart hurts for the parents who’ve realized their mistakes and are trying to change by going alcohol-free, and it hurts for the children whose

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Parenting with a Sense of Humor in COVID19 Lockdown

Three mothers of young Children Share their Survival Tactics for Taking Down the COVID19 Lockdown with Love and Light. Morning all, I hope you are doing ok. It is a beautiful sunny morning here. In these surreal times parenting is suddenly such a challenge. My anxiety is bubbling away all the time. I am on

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5 Poems to Help You Stay Sober in the COVID19 Stress Storm

Five Flowers in Heart o help you stay sober in COVID19 crisis

In the storm we discover our strengthThrough our tears we navigate the darkThrough our calm we teach our children resilienceEven with fear in our hearts A new dayThe tears will come anywayBe informed of course and stay safeBut remember to protect your sobrietyGuard your calm space And though a glass of wine sounds niceThe alcohol

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Words Have Power to Create and Destroy – Tell Your Story Wisely

When you decide to stop drinking you’re opening your mind up to the choice that is actually more about freedom than restriction. The freedom to never need to drink again. Everything we do in life is a choice. But our choices reflect MUCH more than just saying yes or no to something. Our childhoods, our

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