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First Alcohol-Free Family Vacation: A Happy Ending !

They argued over an armrest On the planeWhat a pain! lol Over who had the most spaceThey didn’t wanna lose face But I had a clear head So I didn’t see red Over hot chocolate, or orange juice spiltOne was upset when the other showed no guilt or remorse  ‘Cos they’re just kids of course!  Although the silly spats

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From my Struggling Son to His Struggling Mum

For my struggling son

Positivity breeds positivity What you can see I’ll learn to view As optimistically as you. I’ll learn it from you. To be really positive about things going on, Will lead to me being a happier son. I pick up on your mood, it affects me I’m not being rude. I don’t choose my emotions, I

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It’s up to You

Sober hero of the day

A life like this You don’t want to miss a single second Happy moments beckon  By choosing to be free and present You can really lessen “Sleeping ” through the good timesyou could otherwise miss  A kind word or gesture, Shared memories,a first kiss It could be a wedding,a play not attended a heart not mendedAs you were far too hungover To make the

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Digging for Buried Treasure?

MY First Alcohol-Free Holiday : Eek, what to expect  Does anyone else feel this way?Booked an all inclusive stayBut not going to let my resolve be swayedSo I’ll quickly list the benefits I seeOf being alcohol-free: I won’t dehydrateWon’t get up too lateTo enjoy the dayI’ll jump in the pool With my active, adventurous children I’ll

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Mommy’s Wine Time

Why did I stop drinking? I wasn’t a blackout binge drinker and I didn’t come close to hitting any kind of rock bottom. I just decided it was time to take a break from the booze. As a mother and as a woman my wine time wasn’t serving me well anymore. My mum was congratulating

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