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The Naltrexone Option – Stop Drinking With the Sinclair Method

Woman chosing door- Represnting The Naltrrexone option and the Sinclait Method to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Fast forward to today, I’m sober. I met & married the man of my dreams, I’ve lost 20kg and have no desire to drink. Life is brilliant. Still 50/50, there’s good and bad but nothing like the agony of drinking. Today I am 434 days alcohol-free, with the help of Naltrexone and compliance with the

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Getting Back to Sober When You Slip

Sometimes people take a break from drinking, drink again, and then have an awful time getting back on track. Relapse may feel like the right word to you or it may feel overly dramatic but I know from my own experience after being sober nine months in both of my pregnancies that when I started

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