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  • Sober Evolution

    Sober Evolution

    Take a good hard look at this photo. What do you see? Write it down before you read on. This photo was taken at a local park, one at which I hike frequently with my dogs. Up until 10 years ago, this park was a golf course. The family that owned retired and sold the…

  • The Good Stuff about Alcoholics Anonymous

    The Good Stuff about Alcoholics Anonymous

    First a disclaimer, my most intense AA grudges are rooted in the trauma of growing up Catholic. Otherwise, I would do what many folks do: Focus on the good of AA and ignore/laugh off the rest, plus add a zing of rebellion. I would refer to myself as “AA Member” and not “Alcoholic” because that’s…

  • Learn it Through the Doing

    Learn it Through the Doing

    I’ve heard that when Meryl Streep first reads a script she’s got a red pen at hand. If she comes across a word or phrase of her dialogue that she intuitively flinches at or that doesn’t make sense to her, she circles it. Then she keeps on reading. Later, as she works on the character…

  • Day 65 – Being rather than Doing.

    Day 65 – Being rather than Doing.

    It’s a fascinating thing this Alcohol Free journey. Well two of my clients haven’t showed up today, so I am interpreting this as The Universe’s way of saying to me: “Pop your feet up love, and take some time to relax”. I’ve done some stretching, and some nice deep breathing, and now I think some…

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