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  • Be the Hero of Your Own Story – Inspiration for a Sober Father’s Day!

    Be the Hero of Your Own Story – Inspiration for a Sober Father’s Day!

    Sober Father’s day? If you’re like me, Father’s day was just another excuse to see how shit-faced I could get. But let’s be real. If your brain is bubbling in a cauldron of crap, you can’t truly be present to show your loved ones how much you appreciate this day of adoration. Here is a little…

  • It’s up to You

    It’s up to You

    A life like this You don’t want to miss a single second Happy moments beckon  By choosing to be free and present You can really lessen “Sleeping ” through the good timesyou could otherwise miss  A kind word or gesture, Shared memories,a first kiss It could be a wedding,a play not attended a heart not mendedAs you were far too hungover To make the…

  • Finding the Right Team

    Finding the Right Team

    I’ve never been very active in social media. Facebook has mostly been an easy way to share pictures of my kids with family and friends back home. I’m not even sure what Twitter is. But a little over a year ago, at one of the lowest points of my life, I found the support that…

  • It Hurts to Grow

    It Hurts to Grow

    The most important gift that we can give our children is to grow in front of their eyes. If they see us fall, get up again and move forward with more wisdom… And fall, get up again….move forward… If we let them see us cry… Then they will know that even though it hurts to…

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