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  • Join Us for Dry July

    Join Us for Dry July

    We’ve been told for years that drinking red wine and alcohol in general, can do everything from lower our risk of heart disease to help us control our weight. The recent reports that alcohol actually contributes to the development of 7 types of cancer has done little to hinder the marketing of wine and alcohol as healthy, essential, and fun. Dry July turns the whole shebang on it’s head by making it healthy, essential and FUN to NOT drink for a month while raising money to help people with cancer in the process.

  • I’ve Had Enough of Seeing “Mommy’s Wine Time” Glamourized !

    I’ve Had Enough of Seeing “Mommy’s Wine Time” Glamourized !

    I saw a post on a Facebook page this morning that has me fuming. The page is for an Australian winery called Bonking Frogs Wine. They have a friendly, homey, fun kind of facebook page. The kind of page that makes you feel like you’re part of a funky community of earthy naturists who have […]

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