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The Quiet Storm of Self that Emerged When I Quit Drinking

I drank to treat myself, to express myself, and soothe myself, but when I put down the wine I was doing it to save my life. Self-care, self-awareness, and self-realization are not what I expected to find when I stopped drinking, I just stopped because I had to. I was drinking considerably more than the

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Are You Maybe Sober Curious? An Invitation to Imagine The Life that Sobriety Cultivates

JOY an invitation to the Sober Curious

2 years ago, while searching around the internet for help to stop drinking, I stumbled over some words that were not at all what I expected to be reading. The title of the article was pretty straightforward, Guide to your First Month Sober: Why and How to Quit Drinking, but there was little in it

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Discovery in Recovery – The Only Way Out is Through

woman in sunflowers the discovery in recovery

When you stop drinking or go sober, it is so common to feel overwhelmed, a little lost, scared, or even disheartened. Metomorphosis? Sober Journey? Recovery? “I’m not sure I’ll ever get there.” That’s exactly what the caterpillar must be thinking as its solid body is dissolving into liquid inside the cocoon—that and “I’m dying in

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9 Months Sober – My Transformation

My total transformation in 9 months sober feels something like the evolution of a baby from conception to birth. Nine months is long enough to transform a twinkle in the eyes exchanged over a candlelight dinner, to a healthy, bouncing baby. Cells grew and evolved. The changes were hidden at first….your private secret, held close

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