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6 Months Sober – Self Discipline as Self Care

Umbrella in storm representing self discipline as self care at 6 months sober

To stay sober in my first 6 months, I’ve been working tirelessly to match the image of who I want to be, with my real actions, beliefs, and behaviors. Sobriety has been my catalyst for SELF-discipline but my perspective on what discipline means has changed and evolved. In staying sober I have learned that self-discipline

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Falling In Love With the Work of Sobriety as Personal Activism – With Reflections on the Words of John Lewis

Love Falling in Love with Sobriety as personal Activism

John Lewis, long time civil rights activist and career public servant was memorialized yesterday in Atlanta by former United States President Obama, Clinton, and Bush. Former President Jimmy Carter, at age 95, sent a statement that was read aloud. These were the last word that John Lewis shared before his death on July 17. It

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Self Image and Change – Dry July 2020, Day 18 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

Girl with Sign We can be Heros just for one day - sober inspiration

Drinking alcohol is essential to a life well-lived. At least that is what we are taught. Long before we are old enough to drink legally we see adults drinking at every important event, every recreational activity, every party, and in many families every night. If you get to the point as an adult where you

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