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  • Alcohol-Free and Loving Me! Dry July 2020, Day 17 Inspiration

    In our online community BOOM Rethink the Drink, we host monthly alcohol-free challenges that start with Dry January. Remember New Year’s Day? January 1st, 2020? It seems like we lived in a different world at the beginning of this new decade. Just a few months ago things were simpler. Life was simpler. Everything felt so […]

  • Guilty Pleasure ?

    Guilty woman Hiding

    That terrorist’s web was hard to leaveInsisting that I had to believeThat one won’t hurtYou earned this treatFood on the tablePlenty to eatI functioned fineNo one knewAll seemed wellHidden wineThis was my gameNo room for twoLeave me alone with my hidden shameI’ll deal with it laterWhen things are more calmNot today thoughSweaty palmCrack open a […]

  • Precious Freedom

    I never believed I could do this My brain would overthink The need to always know Who’d be providing my next drink  How did others know how to behave? When my mind would constantly crave  The lies that alcohol fedI realised were all in my head For sobriety actually brought An end to the battles I’d fought  For twenty or […]

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