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  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    I can’t do it So don’t try to convince me that I have the capacity to be sober Because at the end of the day I don’t like myself enough And I’m not going to lie to myself by saying There is a strength in me that really matters So be assured I’ll remind myself…

  • Alcohol-Free Authenticity!

    Alcohol-Free Authenticity!

    When we kick out the alcohol toxicityWe make way for authenticityIt was patiently waiting, listeningFor the fake friend to leave the partySo it could really get it startedAnd mean something I’m glad I’m listening nowAnd learning howTo rid myself of alcoholIt’s the toxic voice’s curtain callTo it I’ll sayThere’s no longer a place for you…

  • Guilty Pleasure ?

    Guilty Pleasure ?

    That terrorist’s web was hard to leaveInsisting that I had to believeThat one won’t hurtYou earned this treatFood on the tablePlenty to eatI functioned fineNo one knewAll seemed wellHidden wineThis was my gameNo room for twoLeave me alone with my hidden shameI’ll deal with it laterWhen things are more calmNot today thoughSweaty palmCrack open a…

  • Play it Forward

    Play it Forward

    When thoughts of alcohol dance in your headPlay the tape forward and go to bed Wake up ready to face the day refreshed Or at least feel ok With no hellish hangover That’s such a good reason not to frown orStart your day on a downer And proper sleep You know When you’re dreaming deepThey should bottle that stuff…

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