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Blowing off the Booze Beast Who Came to Tea

The Booze Beast who Came to tea

They thought that they could tame the beastIn order to relax, have funOr find peace But the booze beast who came to teaWas not at all harmless, It couldn’t be  It was there for a feast Repeatedly  They thought that they were in control That moderating visits wouldn’t take it’s tollThat they were okayEven on a rollUntil the monster

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Breathe and Keep Moving – Gaining Momentum in Early Sobriety

Woman walking into sunrise with suitcase -Momentum in early sobriety

The second time I took physics in college I had a great lab partner, and the simple experiments we did (probability, gravity, refraction, polarization, momentum) fascinated me. I loved the concept of momentum, which is defined in physics as “the tendency of a moving object to keep moving.” The first time I took the course,

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My Sober Reality – From Week One to 200 days Alcohol Free and Feeling Fine!

It’s not the first time I’ve been here but today I’m 200 days alcohol free and this time it just feels different! An Ode to Me at Day 200 Alcohol Free! – Feeling Sober Beautiful 😀😍💖 Day 200 yesterdayJust wanted to pop in and sayDay 200 part 2This feeling is newI now WANT to be

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Finding Balance at 6 Months Sober

Shoes balanced Finding Balance at 6 months sober

Today I am 166 days alcohol-free. Almost 6 months sober! This is not my first attempt at sobriety but this time around I’m starting to feel almost happy with my decision to quit (98% happy anyway). Alcohol-Free! This time with convictionBecause I’m worth so much moreThen the misery of addiction! Last night when I was

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