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A Tuned in February Alcohol-Free Inspiration Song Contest

Guitar song contest for alcohol-free challenge a Tuned in February

As Dry January is winding down, our Boom Rethink the Drink Community is getting ready to start our second of twelve annual alcohol-free challenges, with a singing contest for A Tuned in February. Back in December (what we call A December you CAN Remember) we started the song contest with a challenge to write alcohol-free

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30 posts for 30 days To Help You Quit Drinking

A big fear of mine when things shut down in Spring 2020 was being without booze. When we first locked down to prevent the spread of Covid19, many of our governments deemed alcohol an essential item and  I was comforted that drinking away the Covid lockdown blues would be celebrated as a natural reaction to

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Why Wait for Dry January? Get a Jump Start Loving the Life You’re Living Today

Happy Holiday Scene Why Wait for Dry January Join us for a December you Can Remember

December is upon us again and once again ’tis the season of alcohol and holidays. If you are trying to stop drinking because you find that more often than not you drink too much, or if you stopped drinking recently and are trying to stay sober, December can be a blur of alcohol-related stress. The

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Singing the Siren to Sleep – Community Support to Stop Drinking

Woman with Bottle at Sea- singing the siren to sleep community support to stop drinking

I’ll be 7 years sober in March, and I owe that to something I never imagined I would find myself doing, actively participating in an online community for support to stop drinking. The informal private blogging that we do together has encouraged me to keep track of exactly how I’ve felt along the way. Not

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