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An Ode to Freedom From a Newly Sober Mum

Tee shirt You're Beautiful and Brave Sober Mum

Mummmy was a misfit, the girl with bright red hairShe didn’t find life easy,Despite her parents care Always feeling out of placeNot quite there, some other place And as the teenage years approachedShe found the bottle and it spoke: “Come dance and playI’ll set you free,No need to fear when you’re with me” And so

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I’ll Stop Drinking Tomorrow …

road to nowhere - I'll stop drinking tomorrow

I’ll stop drinking when I’m happyWhen I’m in controlWhen nothing really scares meWhen my career is on a roll When my husband is devotedBeyond doubtTo have and to hold I’ll stop drinking while I’m young enoughOr I’ll stop when l get oldI’ll stop when my friends doOr when they notice it’s a problem too I’ll

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Why I’m Loving Life Sober – A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Post

Discover the Taste of Serenity - tea post- Dry January 2021 Inspiration

6. I am loving life sober because stress is more manageable when I start my day fresh – related reading How to Override your Lizard Brain7. I’m more productive at work8. When I sit forward on a chair I’m way less likely to fall of it in front of everyone9. Zero alcohol means less anxiety

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