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Dry July 2020, Day 9 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

Dry July 2020 Day 9 Alcohol-free inspiration fighting the dragon

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety at the state of the world? Every day lately feels like fighting the dragon, like we are in a futuristic dystopian thriller. There has truly never been a better July to stay dry than this one. We need our wits about us, we need to protect our health,

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Dry July 2020, Day 8 Alcohol- Free Inspiration

Dry July 2020 Day 8 alcohol-free inspiration Birds flying at sunset

When I stopped drinking five years ago, I was participating in an online community where some people were committed to never drinking again and others to a short term alcohol detox like Dry July. What I learned in that community that I may not have learned in a community strictly focused on long term sobriety,

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Alcohol and Anxiety

Woman underwater with alarm clock alcohol and anxiety

Does alcohol drown out your natural ability to tame your anxiety?Anxiety that’s screaming to just be understood and heardLike a woodpecker or similar determined bird? Does your anxiety just want to deviously play? Or could it have something important to say?If we continue to ignore it every dayWhy doesn’t it just give upAnd go away?

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