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An Invitation to an Alcohol Free April

To everyone finding thingsreally difficult at the momentwho think no-one noticeswho might be drinkingmore that they would liketo cope with it all… Hey I see youDon’t worry thoughIt doesn’t show You’re trying so hardI knowThinkingWhy doesn’t anyone realise?I’m struggling! You’re juggling everythingAnd doing it so wellI can tell But is that bottle of roseYour reward

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Parenting with a Sense of Humor in COVID19 Lockdown

Three mothers of young Children Share their Survival Tactics for Taking Down the COVID19 Lockdown with Love and Light. Morning all, I hope you are doing ok. I’m meditating in the morning. Not drinking caffeine. I’m letting myself rest when I need to. We’re binge watching Netflix in the evening. I’ve also been reconnecting with

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5 Poems to Help You Stay Sober in the COVID19 Stress Storm

Five Flowers in Heart o help you stay sober in COVID19 crisis

Don’t Invite the Alcohol Thug So I get itWe’re stuck at home sad, worried, stressed and boredBut we’d better get used to itWe’re gonna be in it a whilePerhaps for the long haul So my question I want to put to you isDo you want the alcohol thug there with you too? Imagine when lockdown

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