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The Puppeteer

the alcohol puppeteer

Hello there,Ooh a new batch(Rubs hands together with glee)Let’s have a look at this latest catchHave a drink, hereNo need to fear Trust me andBelieve what you hearAbout the complimentsAnd merriment associated with meCome onFollow along Let me introduce myselfI’m the alcohol puppeteerA narcissist if you pleaseAnd for my amusementTake part or gather near(I’m doing

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The Risks of Sobriety

Risks of sobriety-I might fail.People might judge me.I might find it really hard sometimes (especially in the beginning).I might eat loads and put on weight.I might be missing out on the fun.I might not like my sober self. There are lots of common concerns that help us to talk ourselves out of committing to getting

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Play it Forward

Jelly Fish

When thoughts of alcohol dance in your headPlay the tape forward and go to bed Wake up ready to face the day refreshed Or at least feel ok With no hellish hangover That’s such a good reason not to frown orStart your day on a downer And proper sleep You know When you’re dreaming deepThey should bottle that stuff

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