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Trying on a Brand New Alcohol Free Me

Women Dressing Rooms Trying on a New Alcohol Free Me

Have I outgrown alcohol?Is that possible?Cheap wine, student spiritsVodka, peach snapsLost their appeal years agoI don’t care about any of that I moved onto quality wineFor a long time it was fineNow it’s not… I find it a dilemmaAm I outgrowing this too? Do I want something better?Is my wine habit like a favourite dress

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I never Hit Rock Bottom. I’m Not Addicted!

To everyone who doesn’t fit in the 10% or so of people reported to have a serious drinking problem, but think that they might be drinking too much. To everyone who sees articles like this, Alcohol-related deaths more than doubled in last two decades: study, and start to reconsider they’re drinking routine. To everyone who

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Believe You Can Turn it Around- Rethink the Drink

Believe - Starting Dry January

Remembering the Drinks I’d Like to Forget — or — Ghosts of Christmas Past Stockings to fillPresents to wrapChristmas EveFeeling crapMother in law hereA sneaky ginShe won’t realiseThe state I’m in Presents galoreAll over my bedShit , the boozehas truly gone to my head Blackout . Out . I’m asleep, out coldNothing wrappedFeeling appalled It

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Make the New Years Resolution that Could Change Everything

Setting Goals for 2020 Dry January online support

Is stop drinking on your New Years’ resolution list? Are you thinking of doing an alcohol-detox like Dry January or have you decided that you need to go alcohol-free and stick to it for good? A lot of people do Dry January, depriving and almost punishing themselves for drinking too much in December, only to

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