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Books to Help you Stop Drinking and Fuel Your Sober Momentum

Books on Head Books that helped Fuel my Sober Momentum

I love books and I love libraries! Just walking into that quiet space, the smell of all the books, and the thought of all the knowledge and ideas is so peaceful to me. The wisdom and life experiences people have shared in their books are endless; high adventures of things I will never experience but

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I Know There’s a Pony in Here Somewhere! Sober Survival Skills

When life gives you excrement Grab that shovel cause there’s a pony in there somewhere! Shovel #1: Quit taking myself so seriously! From a blemish on my face, cooking a mediocre dinner, tripping, zipper down, gossip to bouncing a check, I just knew the world was going to end! I’m so powerful! And when I

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