Tag: Rethink the Drink

  • Sober Badass School

    Sober Badass School

    Because we kinda make our own rules I feel I’m at Sober Badass School  BOOM! Rethink the Drink ! We’ve lots of resources Numerous sources Of wit and wisdom too I mean I know in the end it comes down to youBut a site like this?I’m so glad When I was feeling bad and sadI didn’t miss the chance […]

  • Reflection


    I am tracking my progress with a purple heart. At first…..I thought “no!” because purple hearts are reserved for heroes who show enormous courage to save another. And then I realized: I am a hero. Recovery is taking all the courage I’ve ever had and some I didn’t know I had…..I am saving me. Yup. Purple Heart is more than appropriate.

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