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  • 4 Views from 6 Months Sober – Life is Not a Problem to be Solved

    At 6 months sober I’d done loads of hard work and had lots of celebratory I AM SOBER! I AM FREE! moments. Most of us feel like we climb a mountain after emerging from a dark hole in our first few weeks sober, and then if we are lucky, we get to spend some time […]

  • I Love You Daddy

    Mornings are quiet Uncomfortably soBut afternoon drinksthey start the show By evening, the voice is bossy and loud‘I love you girl; you make me proud’. And later, the slurring, and uneven feet Next day, no memory, just rinse and repeat.  Day one, two and even threeEach morning more quiet, self-defeat I love you daddy but your hands they shakeI feel […]

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