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  • I Drink Because …

    I Drink Because …

    I drink because I’m happy. I drink because I’m sad, lonely, angry or to reward myself for being sober for a week. I do not drink because I’m happy. I don’t need to drink when I’m sad, lonely or angry. I reward myself for being sober for a week by being sober for another. I […]

  • Just Say NO…

    Just Say NO…

    Just don’t. It’s as simple as that – say no to alcohol Nothing to it really. It all boils down to that single act. Don’t do it. Particularly when you know you shouldn’t or really don’t want to. The problem is, that we face the Nike advertising syndrome; JUST DO IT! In today’s marketing world […]

  • Overwhelming


    Clouds have gathered, grey and looming.Across the sky above my home.Reaching from horizon’s dawnTo sunset’s edge and far beyond. A vast and tearful weeping haze,Misting fall a shrouding clothUpon the landscape of my seeingThere beyond my window frame. Yet still are shadows cast and fallingDarker there within the dim.Faint memories of brighter daysWhen shone a […]

  • Why I do not Drink

    Why I do not Drink

    The Lizard in the Wall I had dropped a friend off at an appointment and agreed to wait until they were finished. It was going to take a bit of time so I went for a short stroll. I’m not one to walk fast unless it is for exercise. If there is a destination in […]

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