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Sober Evolution from Surrender to Service

I woke up this morning and for the first time in the last couple weeks I wasn’t filled with panic, anxiety and fear. It was a moment of surrender. It brought back that moment with my sobriety. When I surrendered to the fact that I had a problem; I accepted I couldn’t drink, I accepted

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Self Image and Change -Alcohol-Free Inspiration

Girl with Sign We can be Heros just for one day - sober inspiration

Drinking alcohol is essential to a life well-lived. At least that is what we are taught. Long before we are old enough to drink legally we see adults drinking at every important event, every recreational activity, every party, and in many families, every night. If you get to the point as an adult where you

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6 Reasons I’m Staying Sober – Perspective from 6 months Alcohol Free

My beautiful better half told me recently that I should go on a hiatus from being alcohol free in the summer, so that I could drink white wine with him on our long summer nights. Although I did have one day off, I’m not taking a hiatus; I’m still firmly on the alcohol free wagon.

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