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Finding the Courage to Go Sober

woman climbing rock face- sober courage

Have you ever heard alcohol described as liquid courage? When you were young were you told to drink like a man, or that booze would put hair on your chest? As a young woman, I often took pride in drinking dangerously. I associated drinking with my badass identity. But it took far more courage for

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Shame, Alcohol and Sobriety

Woman in Shadow Walking through Doors Shame and Alcohol and Sobriety

Doing nothing and feeling everything. With everyone stuck at home in revolving lockdowns during this pandemic, we have nowhere to look but inward and maybe backward hey? Which can be useful (ish) at highlighting our regrets and shame that maybe we’ve been pushing down, ignoring. Shame is something that most people struggle with when they

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Burnout and Depression in Early Sobriety

Woman on Journey looking toward storm Burnout in Early Sobriety

Today I am 142 days sober. Yee Haa!… but… I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, physically and mentally. When my initial pick cloud drifted away, I started researching burnout and depression in early sobriety and came across a few articles. Burnout results when the fuel that we use to continue our work of sobriety, has essentially been depleted. This

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