Tag: Self-Improvement

  • Selling the Possibility of Loving Life Sober – Rethink the Drink

    I stopped drinking over four years ago and have been enthusiastically working on re-branding sobriety ever since. Drinking alcohol has been sold to most of us as the elixir of life since we were young children. I remember as a child listening to the grownups downstairs having a GREAT NOISY TIME while I went reluctantly up to […]

  • Surprised to be Loving Life Alcohol-Free

    Boom. 100 days Alcohol-Free. There it is. When I started this sober journey, I was shooting for a 30-day “alcohol reset.” But I made it to 30 days and figured, why not keep going? I had made it to 45 days last fall, how about I shoot for 46 days so I could set a […]

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