Tag: Slips

  • Easing out of the Battle to Stay Sober

    Woman looking up peacefully Finally Easing out of the Battle to stop slipping and Stay Sober

    I spent over 2 years battling with my addiction to booze and my drinking got worse before it got better. Over those 2 years of slipping while trying to stay sober, I ended up hating booze so much. Until the triggers happened and the cravings called. Then booze was once again my adult comforter. After […]

  • Getting Back to Sober When You Slip

    Sometimes people take a break from drinking, drink again, and then have an awful time getting back on track. Relapse may feel like the right word to you or it may feel overly dramatic but I know from my own experience after being sober nine months in both of my pregnancies that when I started […]

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