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Into the long grass: Relationships, self-worth and self-esteem in early sobriety

Yesterday, I read a post written by a cyber friend of mine. I admire this young woman. She stopped drinking, walked away from an abusive relationship, packed her dog in her car and set off across America in search of a new and more fulfilling life. She has had her ups and downs, but in

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Breaking Free from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

In 57 days I’ve learned I can handle much more than I thought… and that when I handle the stress without alcohol, it’s not as bad as I thought it was before. I’ve learned I am a nicer, kinder, more understanding person than the alcohol version. I’m less irritable, more patient, and way less obnoxious

Breath and Allow

It would be great if every transformational path—embracing sobriety included—was all forward motion. Floating on a pink cloud of giddy relief and wonder at this whole new world, energy surging, creative and sexual juices flowing, newly found pleasures, new rewarding habits taking hold, relationships not only healing but soaring to new heights of intimacy. Unfortunately,

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