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I’ll Stop Drinking Tomorrow …

road to nowhere - I'll stop drinking tomorrow

I’ll stop drinking when I’m happyWhen I’m in controlWhen nothing really scares meWhen my career is on a roll When my husband is devotedBeyond doubtTo have and to hold I’ll stop drinking while I’m young enoughOr I’ll stop when l get oldI’ll stop when my friends doOr when they notice it’s a problem too I’ll

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Drinking Myself Away

Sad woman when I was drinking

When I was drinking, and particularly as I approached the end of my drinking career, I was a faded, bloated, mess. My skin and hair were dry and dull. My nails were cracked and brittle. My eyes had no sparkle. My face was constantly puffy. I looked tired. All. The. Time. Where I was once

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Don’t Drown in Pandemic Drinking – Lock the Alcohol Out

Red Door Pandemic Drinking

My sister’s ex-husband died a few days ago of liver and kidney failure due to alcoholism. He was 59 years old. Leaves behind two sons, two stepdaughters, and several grandchildren. The ironic part is that they are having a cash bar at his celebration of life. Yuck, 🤢 My teaching assistant’s daughter had her second

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