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The Power of Possibility – Stop Drinking With the Help of an Online Community

Man on trachs walking into phone- online community support to stop drinking

Today I am 50 days sober. I never expected that joining an online community was what I needed to help me stop drinking. As a secretive and deeply sensitive person, the social nature of this community, Boom Rethink the Drink, has provided a completely new approach to healing: to post daily, to commiserate, joke, relate…to

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How I Went Sober During the Covid19 Lockdown

Pink shoes on happy woman who went sober during Covid19

I’ve read that alcohol consumption in the United States, Australia, and the U.K has increased significantly during the Covid19 lockdown. They even say that the resulting problems from drinking during the pandemic could result in increased damage for a generation. With bars and restaurants closed, alcohol has been deemed an essential item: it can be

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Blackout the Wine Witch and Bring Back Your Magic

My wine witch tried to call me a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently I’m her only “friend” on speed dial, which is quite sad, really, when you think of all of those “friends” she claimed that we met during our travels. She exchanged lots of business cards in the airline clubs, but she’d not really

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