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How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Affects Your Looks

Woman crying How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Effects Your Looks

It’s easy to find articles online about how drinking alcohol affects your looks – Alcohol and Hair Loss: What You Need to Know How to Combat the Effects of Alcohol on Skin, According to an Expert How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss? But I think the effects of alcohol on your looks go much deeper

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Self Care Does Not Come in a Bottle – A Newly Sober Mum Reflects on Loving Living Alcohol Free

woman on flowers newly sober mum loving life alcohol free

100 straight alcohol-free days! My first 100 days of change completed and I am a sober mum! I feel I have found my momentum and I’m rolling with it. Words can’t actually describe how I feel but I cannot forget how dark my life felt before – darkness deep in my soul because of alcohol.

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With Sobriety You Get More!

Washing hands With Sobriety you get more

I’m not scared of sobriety anymoreI’m excitedMy passion for life is suddenly ignitedSo many possibilities I can see hopefullyIs this beautiful gift really for me?Will I really wake up feeling refreshed and free?No worries about getting behind the wheel for meI’m sorted and responsibleNot a liabilitySobrietyWowI’m learning it’s not lessIt’s actually moreI think I’m only

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Why I’m Glad I Stopped Drinking During the Pandemic

Poison Why I'm Glad that I Stopped Drinking During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If I were still drinking during this Annus Horribilis – If I were still Drinking during the Covid-19 lockdowns and the crazy insecurity that these rolling quarentines bring… I would “excuse” my drinking since these are such stressful times. I’d be up to 2 bottles at the weekend, rather than one, because “the world is going to

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