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From Resentment to Joy – Reaching Out as I Begin my 3rd Alcohol-Free Holiday Season

JOY in Lights Alcohol-free holiday season

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I don’t have a hangover. I’m sitting here eating pumpkin bread, sipping coffee and thinking of Thanksgivings past. I quit drinking February of 2018, making this my third alcohol-free holiday season. Every year on Thanksgiving I’d start drinking in the early afternoon, my elegant wine glass close at hand

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The Definitive Alcohol-Free Party Guide – Enjoy the Party and Stay Sober

Dinner table Tips for the Hostess on Partying Sober

One of my biggest fears when I stopped drinking five years ago, was that I would never again enjoy hosting parties if I couldn’t drink. I love to entertain and so do my friends. The only time that I had ever attended parties sober, or thought to offer alcohol-free options when I entertained, was when

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I Choose Freedom – Escaping the Alcohol Trap

Cage descending on Woman- I chose Freedom from Alcohol

Before I stopped drinking alcohol one of my greatest anxieties was that of wondering how people perceived me. That no matter what I have done or achieved in my life it would be overshadowed by the persona of a person that drank too much alcohol and acted erratically when they drank it. That ultimately this

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