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The Silver Lining In My Pink Cloud

Sober Pink Cloud Quote- Life sn't about waithing for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain

When I first got sober, the pink cloud of peace and tranquility that many people talk about, was nowhere in sight. I wasn’t feeling jubilant, or triumphant, or free. I was stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. As the weeks went by, I of course started feeling proud that I was staying sober, but mostly all I was

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Blowing off the Booze Beast Who Came to Tea

The Booze Beast who Came to tea

They thought that they could tame the beastIn order to relax, have funOr find peace But the booze beast who came to teaWas not at all harmless, It couldn’t be  It was there for a feast Repeatedly  They thought that they were in control That moderating visits wouldn’t take it’s tollThat they were okayEven on a rollUntil the monster

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Dealing With FOMO in Dry July

Black Bunny -- FOMO in Dry July

Are you suffering from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out while staying alcohol-free this month for Dry July?  Play it forward. When you think about it the alcohol-free options seem more appealing than the norm : Get stressedHit fcuk it switchDrink 1st glass of alcohol Feel good for a few minutesFeeling is wearing offHave more booze Feel ok

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