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Dry July 2020 Inspiration, Day 4 Weekend 1

Woman biking through trees- Dry July 2020 inspiration day 4 weekend 1

Top Ten Random Tips on having a Great Alcohol-Free Weekend 10, Raise the “barrier” to drinking. Don’t keep alcohol at home. Don’t carry enough cash to buy booze. 9. Don’t skip meals. Eating healthy 3-4 times a day reduces alcohol cravings. 8. Act like you are in charge. Don’t think or talk like a victim,

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Sober Treats – Inspiration for Dry July 2020, Day 3

Happy Woman splashed with water Alcohol-Free Inspiration for Dry July 2020 - Day 3

Are you struggling to stay alcohol-free and thinking Yikes! It’s only day 3 – How will I get through Dry July Sober ?!!!? I get it, even though you committed to Dry July and it is only day 3, sometimes that need to feel a bit of spice in your life at night is so

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Alcohol-Free Inspiration for Dry July 2020 – Day 2

Fresh Water - Alcohol-free inspiration for Dry July 2020. day 2

To stay inspired for my day 2 of Dry July 2020 I remember Things I love about being alcohol – freeI can drive anytime of the day 🏋🏼‍♂️I can remember everything 🤸🏼‍♀️I am calmer & less anxious 🦁My conscience is clear ✨I’m never nauseous 🤮I’ve lost weight 🙌🏼I sleep soooo well 🛌 Are you struggling

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Dry July 2020 – There Has Never Been a Better Time to Take a Break From the Booze

Woman drinking Water Dry July 2020 Boom Rethink the Drink

Why Dry July? Everywhere you look lately there seems to be a good reason to pour a drink or two. During this extraordinary international health crisis, people are justifying lifting a glass at every opportunity. With alcohol deemed essential during the Covid lockdown, it is decidedly un-cool to step back and say “No Thank You

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