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Walking Away from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

person walking away from drinking

I didn’t understand what an alcohol-induced blackout was until I read Sarah Hepola’s book Blackout : Remembering the things I Drank to Forget. Before I stopped drinking I had actually had many blackouts, I just didn’t realize that when I woke up with no memory of going to sleep, and no memory of the conversations

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Top ten things you can do again now that you’re Alcohol Free

Here’s a list of top ten wonderful things you can do again, now that you’re Alcohol Free 10. Text your mother. 9. Start discussions with members of the law enforcement community. 8. Internet shopping. 7. Take selfies and post them to Facebook. 6. Go to pick up carry out pizza on your bicycle. 5. Know

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What Works – Two years Alcohol-Free

I used to stop drinking for a month and pat myself on the back and drink again and slide back to drinking just as much. I used to go a month without alcohol and count the days until I could drink again. I couldn’t imagine a life without drinking as part of it- in some

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Coming Out Sober

Coming Out Sober BOOM Community Rethink the Drink

I’m a bit over a year sensationally sober and it’s time to COME OUT! The stigma and shame surrounding alcoholism made privacy and anonymity crucial to my success in my first year , but at some point, those of us who have managed to stay alcohol-free for long enough to feel solid, need to stand

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