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Day 1 Sober – Opening my Eyes to the Reality of Alcohol

Eye- Day 1 sober opening my eyes to the Reality of Alcohol

Most of us drink to feel free, but I’ve dumped the alcohol, I’ve ditched the drink, and now I’m working toward sobriety. Why? A story that keeps me Focused on WHY I’m on this Sober Journey– We drink to feel free but sadly this is the reality of alcohol when it takes over like it

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Wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous – Doing Sobriety the Right Way for You

Coffe cups and Hands Wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous doing Sobriety Right

When I first stopped drinking, I was concerned that without working the 12 steps I wasn’t doing sobriety right. Eventually there were people who told me that I wasn’t doing sobriety right because I hadn’t added meditation and yoga to my routine. Some people who stayed sober by attending Alcoholics Anonymous, meditating, or doing yoga,

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Dry July 2020, Day 11 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

Joyful Man at sea shore Living alcohol-free

Whether you are on Day 11 of Dry July, or on day one alcohol-free, you are doing something great for yourself. Today I just passed 1 month sober and am feeling great! Yes relief, healing, etc etc. There is NOTHING to be afraid of going AF and EVERYTHING to gain. I once heard a quote

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