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  • Sobriety? Why Not!

    Sobriety? Why Not!

    For as long as I can remember I’ve made my life busy. Busy to avoid those feelings, the fears, the insecurities, the disappointments, and the anger. All those normal feelings that are a result of just living. Busy because I’m surrounded by a personal and general environment that seeks and rewards accomplishment. An environment that…

  • ‘Twas a Sober October

    ‘Twas a Sober October

    ‘Twas a Sober Octoberand all through my mindran a list of excuseswhy I should drink wine – Now I know that I promisedthis month I’d be good –I’d quit poisoning my bodyand take care as I should! But just when I thoughtthese days were a breeze,along came my triggersto tempt and to tease – First…

  • Treats to Fill Your Sober October “Goody Bag”

    Treats to Fill Your Sober October “Goody Bag”

    Did you decide to do a Sober September this year but are finding staying alcohol-free more difficult than you expected? Don’t Give Up! Join us for a Sober October. You just may find that with the right perspective it’s a pleasure to take some time alcohol-free. Alcohol-free IS Freedom. “Freedom is not planning my social…

  • A Sober October Podcast “Extra” to Beat the Wine O’clock Cravings

    A Sober October Podcast “Extra” to Beat the Wine O’clock Cravings

    Happy Sober October, everyone! We have 31 days to enjoy with clear minds and hearts unburdened by shame, our bodies free from poison, fatigue, and puffiness. 😎Sobriety is kryptonite to shame! Join us! What is the best way to stay alcohol-free today during those sensitive early evening hours? It can be hard to use some…

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