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Grateful for the Simple Gift of Sobriety in my Second Alcohol-Free Holiday Season

Gift of Sobriety

It’s that time of year again, when almost everything I see and hear triggers old memories of past Christmases. For at least 20 years I drank my way through the holidays, in part to blank out the sadness and grief those memories often conjured as my family grew and left home, my social circle shrank,

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Inspired by the Radical Magic of Living Life Alcohol-Free

"We are the Luckiest" "Quit Like a Woman" Inspired by the Radical Magic of Living Life Alcohol-Free

At the beginning of 2020 (which feels like several years ago, right?) I agreed to review the newly published books by Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen for my online community BOOM Rethink the Drink and this Boozemusings Blog. Both of these books will appeal strongly to women, but I know lots of dudes who have

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6 Months Sober – Self Discipline as Self Care

Umbrella in storm representing self discipline as self care at 6 months sober

To stay sober in my first 6 months, I’ve been working tirelessly to match the image of who I want to be, with my real actions, beliefs, and behaviors. Sobriety has been my catalyst for SELF-discipline but my perspective on what discipline means has changed and evolved. In staying sober I have learned that self-discipline

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