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Finding the Courage to be Vulnerable with an Online Alternative to AA

I drank to make myself invulnerable. At least I thought that alcohol would make me invulnerable. Each time I opened a bottle it was my intent to build a barrier between myself and stress, sorrow, loneliness, even the mundane blah that is sometimes day to day life. But the effect of alcohol was actually the

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Beating Peer Pressure to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Woman in crowd with red nose- Beating peer pressure to stop drinking and stay sober

Remember being a child, getting caught being naughty by your teacher, and when she asked WHY did you do it… you responded with, He started it first! And maybe he did? Maybe you subcumbed to peer pressure and did something you knew you shouldn’t, hoping you wouldn’t get caught. Most of us succumbed to peer

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Message in a Bottle

I have invented a new liquid wonder drug. I promise you that the first glass will make you feel great. It will help take away your inhibitions and reduce shyness allowing you to act in a way that you might not usually, — enabling you to say things you wouldn’t normally dream of. The next

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Sobriety is the Best Kept Secret

Woman chainsaw dog garden

This is a picture of me in my sober badass shoes. My daughter took the picture a few years ago to help me tell a story. I don’t usually sit around in my back yard wearing cutoff shorts and high heels. Usually, I’m barefoot! But this day was special! I’ll tell you more about that

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