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Sobriety? It’s not Magic it Just Feels Like it Sometimes

A Letter to my Drinking Self 13 months ago- You are stronger than you know. Yes. Really you are. You just need to want sobriety bad enough. And right now you don’t. And you also do. You just won’t. You won’t look at how it’s damaging you. You won’t believe that people around you can

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Dear Alcohol – Good Bye

Letter Dear Alcohol Good Bye

Good bye alcohol. I see you for what you are. A draining, soul destroying imaginary friend. An energy vampire. A back stabber. So guess what? I’m going to figure out the social thing without you and I’m going find other ways to decompress. I’m stumbling through it but already starting to find other ways and they feel way better. And my new ways don’t come with negative costs to my life.

3 Months Sober and Unstuck!

Grafitti of man with Balloon 3 months sober and Unstuck

I honestly don’t think I would have stopped drinking had the pandemic not forced me to be alone with myself.  These past 4 months since the onset of covid have changed everything. I’ve never spent so much time alone, and to spend a majority of that time in a sober mind, facing my thoughts and

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