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I am Whole Again

Life is an ocean, at times calm, still and permissive of easy sailing. At others it is a tempest, challenging our skills and will to survive. Through all that life’s waters bring us there remains the rise and fall of waves and swells. Tides ebb and flow. Weather comes fair and foul. The key is to build a sturdy craft with a stout mast and rugged sails then when required, take on a reliable and loyal crew.

I am Tired

I had had a taste of some nasty liquor at a spend the night party when I was 12 and my parents had allowed us to sip wine with dinner in our teens but I didn’t drink, I was a good girl and was terrified of getting into trouble and messing up my charmed life.

I am Strong

My leisure time and social life were wrapped around alcohol – every aspect of it intrinsically linked.

I exercised and ate a healthy diet etc but never really felt well.

I often drank to blackout, waking with bruises and injuries of unknown origin. I was lost and alone – hungover was my normal. Emotionally, physically and mentally I was drained.