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  • Struggling With the Idea of Sobriety? Thoughts from 500 Days Sober

    Woman rocking With Head in Hands Struggling with the Idea of Sobriety

    Looking back from 500 days sober, I still remember that when I was struggling with the mere idea of sobriety even for a shortened stint like my first 30-day alcohol-free challenge, the questions flooded my mind. How will I stop drinking? When will I stop drinking? Sobriety? Seriously? Is complete abstinance really necessary? What in […]

  • How Do You Tell People You Are Not Drinking?

    Alcohol-Free sign How Do You Tell People You Are Not Drinking? Dry July 2020 - Day 16 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

    One of the great things about doing an official alcohol-free marathon like Australia’s Dry July or Ocsober, is that you have an excuse not to drink. It is strange that we NEED an excuse not to drink alcohol but as anyone who has gone alcohol-free will tell you, people tend to question WHY you are […]

  • The Video that Helped me go Alcohol Free and Stay Happily Sober

    When I was a year sober I wrote a post to my community remembering where I had been when I finally stopped drinking alcohol — forever One year ago I found myself literally on my knees I was hungover once again. My self-loathing in full swing I was desperate for it to end. I was […]

  • Staring it Right in the Eyes Alcohol-Free

    I look away when things are scary. When I’m filled with fear, I try to control other things because I feel like I can’t handle it. I get light-headed, nauseous, sweaty, panicked. There is a ringing in my ears. Sometimes when it’s not as bad, I just procrastinate instead. I do laundry, shop online, watch […]

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