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A Deadly Cocktail -Day Drinking in the time of COVID-19

Day drinking! because 2020 …There is plenty of encouragement out there to lift a glass and drink away the pandemic doldrums. Day drinking memes seem to multiply in times of stress. If you are now working from home with a flexible schedule – why not start the online happy hour at 10 am? New apps and

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How Do You Tell People You Are Not Drinking?

Alcohol-Free sign How Do You Tell People You Are Not Drinking? Dry July 2020 - Day 16 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

One of the great things about doing an official alcohol-free marathon like Australia’s Dry July or Ocsober, is that you have an excuse not to drink. It is strange that we NEED an excuse not to drink alcohol but as anyone who has gone alcohol-free will tell you, people tend to question WHY you are

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The Video that Helped me go Alcohol Free and Stay Happily Sober

1. Don’t be negative about your decision to give up alcohol for 30 days. Be POSITIVE about not drinking for 30 days. List all of the positive things about not drinking. (Weight loss, no hangovers, better sleep). 2. Be firm about your decision to not drink for 30 days! No matter what! Don’t give yourself

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Staring it Right in the Eyes Alcohol-Free

I look away when things are scary. When I’m filled with fear, I try to control other things because I feel like I can’t handle it. I get light-headed, nauseous, sweaty, panicked. There is a ringing in my ears. Sometimes when it’s not as bad, I just procrastinate instead. I do laundry, shop online, watch

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