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The Edge

I have stood at the precipice and looked down, tottering on the edge,vertigo gripping my mind. Strangely,the fall is inviting.A momentary abandonment to flight. The exhilaration of soaringbut for a brief timebefore an abrupt ending. It is not the fall that kills youbut the landing. It is a frivolous and foolish thought.I have no wings

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Why We Need Each Other: Online Support to Beat the Booze Bully

I was eight months happily sober when I celebrated my first alcohol-free Christmas as an adult. I’d been blogging about sobriety in a community called Hello Sunday Morning since the previous March and was as rock solid as could be. But then December hit and I was suddenly raw and fragile as my first month

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Staying Sober Survival Skills

In the sobriety and recovery circles I’ve been hanging around for the past couple years, so many people talk about their struggle and setbacks with alcohol as a personal failure. “I can’t get this. How can anyone be so stupid? I feel so ashamed. There’s something wrong with me.” And that vicious cycle of desperately

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