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Thought for the Day

Wash Rinse Repeat. Drink Drunk Shame.
Wash Rinse Repeat. Think Feel Evolve. Keep going…
You make the choice of course. It’s up to you- Find a community online online that you can access instantly throughout the day. Read, write, share and talk everyday. Every single day.

Hard Selling the “Wine Time” Routine is Deadly Business

In honor of Anne Hathaway’s elegant statement on the Ellen Degeneres show that she would not drink until after her son is an adult, not because she claims to be an alcoholic but simply because she wants to be present in his world without the morning after fall out of “not drinking well” , we

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The Conversation in my Head

I hear a distant voice telling me I deserve a reward. “You’ve done well” it says. “Damn right!” I proudly proclaim. “Feeling pretty good?” I hear it ask. “You know it” I reply. “You’re rather proud of yourself” the voice notes. And, yes I am. “You should be” it says. I am enjoying my accomplishment,

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