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  • Seductive Trap

    Seductive Trap

    A alcohol L leads toC constantly O obliterating H happy O opportunities inL life L life should I involve E experiencing S serene and happy  T thoughtsO over A always L letting alcohol L lead to O over thinking andF fooling  U us intoS seeking more poison to “live” You Deserve it! Sobriety is the Best Kept Secret ! If you’re “sober curious” ……

  • It’s up to You

    It’s up to You

    A life like this You don’t want to miss a single second Happy moments beckon  By choosing to be free and present You can really lessen “Sleeping ” through the good timesyou could otherwise miss  A kind word or gesture, Shared memories,a first kiss It could be a wedding,a play not attended a heart not mendedAs you were far too hungover To make the…

  • Wake Up!

    Wake Up!

    I want a drink, I’m stressed to the maxI deserve a break FFS!!!!!After all how much could one bottle take?Actually quite a bit it seemsFor there is a lot at stake I know the facts I know the risks to health and emotion Yet I think of wine as a magic potion To ease the…

  • Who Says Sober is Boring ?

    Who Says Sober is Boring ?

    SOBER – S.O.B.E.R….. S sensual O observant B bright eyed E energetic R resilient I interested/ interesting S selfless  S sincere E entertaining X extremely more present Y you Sober is Sexy ! This post was composed by Floss The author of Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time and The Runaway Train and parts of…

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