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Words Have Power to Create and Destroy – Tell Your Story Wisely

When you decide to stop drinking you’re opening your mind up to the choice that is actually more about freedom than restriction. The freedom to never need to drink again. Everything we do in life is a choice. But our choices reflect MUCH more than just saying yes or no to something. Our childhoods, our

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A Fresh Approach to Fight Alcohol Addiction

“We Love it, we commiserate with it, we celebrate with it, but you have a Problem with It, and Nobody wants to talk to You” That’s how the BBC series ‘Like Minds: Why is using alcohol to cope so common?‘ begins.  Whether you call it alcohol abuse, alcoholism or alcohol-use-disorder, alcohol addiction is deadly. Sometimes

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Beat the Alcohol Bully

Cracked Wine Glass- Beat the Alcohol Bully

Did you know that alcohol-related deaths have doubled in the last twenty years in the U.S.? It’s been widely reported that alcohol is killing more people and younger, yet drinking is still the go-to activity for every celebration of life. Going sober, choosing not to drink, being alcohol-free is beginning to get more positive press,

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