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The Tough Truth of What Worked for Me

WARNING-this is not a “touchy feely” post. I sometimes get tired of reading about alcohol. I sometimes get tired of reading the excuses given for ‘giving in’ and drinking again. It’s a crossing over I think. After years of talking about getting sober and staying sober, and supporting and trying to inspire, you talk about

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Stories that Save

There must be a way To clear thoughts of alcohol From ruining my day Distraction Action Stay busy Not dizzy With too many cravings  Think of the savings I’ve so far madeBy letting alcohol just fadeGone from my sometimes daily routine A more relaxed scene  Happier dreams A better future for usGuess I just follow the process and trust Stay connected Stay reflectedPositively affected By

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A Poetic Homage to Kristi

So I don’t have to be good?That’s great I mean I’m no saintIf I had to be good The perfect housewife and mumMy husband would probably faint (lol) So are you saying I can keep playing Having fun Now that my sobriety’s begun?This is challenging my preconceptions It’s a misconception  Erm question?So I don’t have to be sensible and all grown

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Feeling Everything

When I drank I didn’t know why. I didn’t like who I became when I drank. I didn’t like how I felt after I drank. I didn’t like how I drank once I started. I could go for a month sober maybe and then when I drank I drank daily. So I could go for

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