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  • How I Ditched the Dysfunctional Drinking

    How I Ditched the Dysfunctional Drinking

    Have you ever felt like your anticipation of having a drink was greater than the pleasure derived from drinking it? A few years ago, I was drinking too much, too often, and I began to realize I wasn’t enjoying the drinking anymore, and yet I didn’t want to stop. What I wanted was to drink more. […]

  • Tomorrow Starts Today

    Tomorrow Starts Today

    When I first dipped my toe into thinking about stopping drinking, reading quit lit and following the online sobriety community, I had a severe case of the “I’m not THAT bad” syndrome. Comparing myself to others softened my own self doubt and shame. I’m not proud of it, especially now that alcohol has humbled me […]

  • The Truth Behind my Façade – Resetting my Sober Motivation

    The Truth Behind my Façade – Resetting my Sober Motivation

    6 months ago my drinking was out of control and had completely taken over my life. To say I was motivated to go sober is without question. Here’s the thing though – my motivation to get sober was through the roof but not in a positive or formative way. My motivation to stop drinking and […]

  • Squashing the brain chatter …

    Squashing the brain chatter …

    You know how the dolls and toys come alive when the humans leave the room?…yeah that’s what happened with my alcohol bottles in their little liars club…they had an agenda. They lied. They were delusional. They were tricky tricksters and they liked it best when I was in the room with them. They schemed and […]

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