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From I Can’t to I Won’t to I Don’t Drink -Celebrating 6 Months Sober

Woman looking at wine glasses I can't drink I won't drink I don't Drink 6 months sober

Can’t, won’t, or don’t… words for thought. Today is my birthday and I am 6 months sober! On my six-month sober anniversary, what can I say to help if you are trying to stop drinking? I can tell you alcohol lied to me. It told me it was helping me. I believed it for way too

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When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired – How to Say No to Alcohol in The Party Season

Woman with Party Hangover- How to so no to alcohol because you're sick and tired of being sick and tired

I wanted to take alcohol out of my life and see what happened. I had always struggled to do this before but this time I had found an online site just like this one. For the first time I was able to talk to like minded people. People who understood……who were considering the purpose that alcohol

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Easing out of the Battle to Stay Sober

Woman looking up peacefully Finally Easing out of the Battle to stop slipping and Stay Sober

I spent over 2 years battling with my addiction to booze and my drinking got worse before it got better. Over those 2 years of slipping while trying to stay sober, I ended up hating booze so much. Until the triggers happened and the cravings called. Then booze was once again my adult comforter. After

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9 Months Sober – My Transformation

My total transformation in 9 months sober feels something like the evolution of a baby from conception to birth. Nine months is long enough to transform a twinkle in the eyes exchanged over a candlelight dinner, to a healthy, bouncing baby. Cells grew and evolved. The changes were hidden at first….your private secret, held close

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