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Alcohol-Free is a Truly Amazing Way to Live

People climbing mountain 7 years AF

Today I am 7 years sober. Actually, I do not use the word sober to describe myself. Sober is a word that does not describe what it means to me to be free of alcohol – Today I am 7 years Alcohol-Free! Never underestimate how your words can help change someone else’s life. I can

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Staying Sober – 2 Heroic Tales of Cutting the Umbilical Cord to the Booze Beast

Man and woman doing pushups heroic tales of cutting the umbilical chord to the booze beast

How do you stay sober? There’s getting sober and then staying sober, and the two are a differnt beast. In the past, I spent way too much time arguing with myself about whether or not to have a drink. I was stuck in an endless debate, and I was exhausted by it. Sick and tired

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Diffusing the A in HALT or How to Stop Drinking AT people

Bomb Emoji How to stop drinking AT people or Diffusing the Anger in Halt

My sober momentum has been saved on many occasions by remembering that HALT – or the sensations of feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired, are my biggest triggers to slip and drink. Hungry – Angry – Lonely – Tiredif you are hungry – eat – don’t drinkif you are angry – breath – don’t drinkif you are lonely– reach out – don’t drinkif

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