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Diffusing the A in HALT or How to Stop Drinking AT people

Bomb Emoji How to stop drinking AT people or Diffusing the Anger in Halt

But today I WON! I am sitting comfortably in my recliner. This is the site of MANY a drunken weekend, yet today, I am drinking sparkling cider from a crystal champagne glass. I am celebrating a victory. I came THISCLOSE to kicking the fuckit bucket this afternoon. Why? I got angry. Like, really angry. It

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The Definitive Alcohol-Free Party Guide – Enjoy the Party and Stay Sober

Dinner table Tips for the Hostess on Partying Sober

One of my biggest fears when I stopped drinking five years ago, was that I would never again enjoy hosting parties if I couldn’t drink. I love to entertain and so do my friends. The only time that I had ever attended parties sober, or thought to offer alcohol-free options when I entertained, was when

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Understanding Fading Affect Bias and Staying Sober with an Online Community

Fading image of Woman Understanding Fading Affect Bias and Staying Sober with an Online Community

Everyone who has ever tried to stay sober is familiar with that seductive voice that forgets the pain of drinking too much. Psychologists call it the fading affect bias, more commonly known as FAB, which simply means that memories associated with negative emotions tend to be forgotten more quickly than those associated with positive emotions. Fading

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Beating Peer Pressure to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Woman in crowd with red nose- Beating peer pressure to stop drinking and stay sober

Remember being a child, getting caught being naughty by your teacher, and when she asked WHY did you do it… you responded with, He started it first! And maybe he did? Maybe you subcumbed to peer pressure and did something you knew you shouldn’t, hoping you wouldn’t get caught. Most of us succumbed to peer

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