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  • Rethink the Drink

    Rethink the Drink

    Fix it. Change it. Direct it. When we take hold of the reigns we generate a sense of power – a sense of control – and that in and of itself is a catalyst for change. Be the change you want in your life.

  • Don’t Slip Away……

    Don’t Slip Away……

    This week is the anniversary of my brother’s death. It was 1982, a very long time ago, but my whole perspective on his death changed recently when friends in my on-line community, helped me understand that his death was not a suicide but a drug related accident. It was a quantum shift in my narrative […]

  • Sobriety is a Portal

    Sobriety is a Portal

    Unlike many people who skulk into their first AA meeting—broken, unraveled, undone, weeping uncontrollably—I fairly waltzed through the door, beaming like the sun. They talk about hitting rock bottom but for me, it was a perfect storm: The decision to live out loud, to be there for my children, to have optimum health, and to […]

  • Boozemusings Community

    Boozemusings Community

    “BOOM is a great community of people, all looking to Change their Lives. Most think it’s just finding a healthy relationship with booze, but after some days, clarity emerges: I want to change my LIFE.”

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