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  • Top Ten Answers for when that Little Voice tells us to have a Drink because we’re Down

    10. No Because drinking can bring back memories of bad experiences, especially if they involved alcohol. 9. No because drinking can keep our anti-depressant or anti-anxiety meds from working. 8. No because drinking increases our chances of having an accident or doing something stupid – things which will only make us more down. 7. No […]

  • We Fight Back Together

    The difference between how we perceive addiction to alcohol, and how we perceive addiction to cigarettes is striking. Drinking is glamorized and normalized. As we see it in our culture, people drink because that is what people do! People smoke because they are addicted. If someone becomes addicted to alcohol we consider it to be […]

  • Why is it so Hard to Stop Drinking ?

    I remember a couple of years ago telling a friend that I couldn’t stop smoking because I had some writing to do. I knew that for at least a few weeks I would not be able to write without talking myself into a cigarette. I knew that I would literally not be able to concentrate […]

  • The Conversation in my Head

    I hear a distant voice telling me I deserve a reward. “You’ve done well” it says. “Damn right!” I proudly proclaim. “Feeling pretty good?” I hear it ask. “You know it” I reply. “You’re rather proud of yourself” the voice notes. And, yes I am. “You should be” it says. I am enjoying my accomplishment, […]

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