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Top Ten Answers for when that Little Voice tells us to have a Drink because we're Down

10. No Because drinking can bring back memories of bad experiences, especially if they involved alcohol. 9. No because drinking can keep our anti-depressant or anti-anxiety meds from working. 8. No because drinking increases our chances of having an accident or doing something stupid – things which will only make us more down. 7. No

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We Fight Back Together

The reason that I have to work harder to not pick up a drink is that drinking is still so glamourized even in this time when statistics keep piling up to tell us that too many, way too many people, are dying for a drink. The world around me will enthusiastically offer me “Just One Drink” often and forever. And many people will always question whether or not I really need to be abstinent or if I’m just overreacting a bit.

Try to imagine that with cigarettes or heroin or cocaine.

Why is it so Hard to Stop Drinking ?

Many people scoff at the idea that they are addicted to alcohol. We associate alcohol addiction with physical dependance but you do not have to be a late stage, physically dependant alcoholic to be addicted to drinking. Even if you only drink on weekends your brain has learned to associate certain times and activities with a feeling of neccessity to drink. Breaking out of habitually drinking after work on Friday poses many of the same diffiulties of breaking out of habitually drinking every night. It takes focus and preperation to get sober and stay sober whether your addiction is to a daily dose or simply a routine of weekend drinking.

The Conversation in my Head

I hear a distant voice telling me I deserve a reward. “You’ve done well” it says.“Damn right!” I proudly proclaim“You deserve a treat” I hear, “You should celebrate”.
“I should” I think to myself, “I do deserve it”.
“A nice glass of wine or a whiskey would be a good way to mark the milestone” whispers the voice.

I am Whole Again

Life is an ocean, at times calm, still and permissive of easy sailing. At others it is a tempest, challenging our skills and will to survive. Through all that life’s waters bring us there remains the rise and fall of waves and swells. Tides ebb and flow. Weather comes fair and foul. The key is to build a sturdy craft with a stout mast and rugged sails then when required, take on a reliable and loyal crew.