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  • I am Curious

    I am Curious

    Be curious about how each day will unfold, rather than “same old, same old” or even “one day at a time.” Be curious – We were all curious as kids. I recommend it as a life-saving/enhancing strategy.

  • Musings from Five Years Alcohol-Free

    Musings from Five Years Alcohol-Free

    I can remember being in awe of people who had gone for a long time alcohol-free. I never thought I’d do it.In fact, to be truthful I didn’t think I COULD do it. I’d tried to reduce, moderate, change the drink in my glass, go a month without and start again. When I drank I…

  • A Burning Desire

    A Burning Desire

    Alcohol is not controllable for me like the fireplace fire contained in a box. Alcohol for me is a raging forest fire. If I drink again it may start slowly, it may begin to burn in a straight line that looks like it will follow a predictable path but inevitably it will become an all…

  • Wouldn’t it be Great….

    Wouldn’t it be Great….

    When we first stop drinking, wouldn’t it have been great if all of the people we like and love could just say….. FANTASTIC! GO YOU! LET’S FORGET ABOUT SHARING A DRINK AND JUST CELEBRATE BEING TOGETHER ! Those of us who stop drinking find that many of the people we love just don’t get it.…

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