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Top Ten Random Tips on having a Great Alcohol Free Weekend

Act like you are in charge. Don’t think or talk like a victim, someone who can’t stop drinking. Actually, alcohol is powerless – unless you lift the glass, it can do nothing.
If you slip, get up again. The only real failure is not getting up again. Don’t give yourself “permission” to slip up, but understand that slips are normal, and that they can be overcome.

Reach for Empowerment

  “We Love it, we commiserate with it, we celebrate with it, but you have a Problem with It, and Nobody wants to talk to You” That’s how the BBC series ‘Like Minds: Why is using alcohol to cope so common?‘ begins. Whether you call it alcohol abuse, alcoholism or alcohol use disorder, alcohol addiction

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Top Ten Wonderful Things You'll Miss This Weekend if You Don't Drink

10. Alternating licking salt from some portion of your anatomy (or your date’s) with shots of tequila. 9. Selling large short uncovered contracts on cattle futures. 8. Performing a karaoke to Eminem’s “Loose Yourself”, a song that you have never heard. 7. Sharing way, WAY too much on Facebook. 6. Coming up with an idea

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