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Smokey Bear Was Right

In this brave new world of sobriety, there seem to be a myriad of misnomers for our interaction with alcohol. Throughout the drinking years, I got used to throwing some of them around in order to deflect a reality I wasn’t ready to accept. Moderation? Moderate drinking? I’d like to set myself straight once and

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4 Secrets to Staying Sober that I Uncovered in my First 6 months Alcohol-Free

Woman writing in Journal - Uncovering the Secrets to Staying Sober

I remember when I first joined the BOOM Community hoping to get help to stop drinking, reading posts from people saying they’d made it a year, a month, a few weeks alcohol-free even, and I thought they were some sort of wise old sages with a secret to staying sober that I didn’t have. And

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The Naltrexone Option – Stop Drinking With the Sinclair Method

Woman chosing door- Represnting The Naltrrexone option and the Sinclait Method to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

I have been a problem drinker since my early 20s. To be excited about not drinking would have been laughable to me a few years ago! The idea of not drinking forever was not something that I’d have considered an option. I tried rules; cutting down, only drinking on weekends, taking a month off. Now

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Programme Your Computer Brain to Stay Sober

Computer Brain neuroplasticity and alcohol addiction

I love reading about science, psychology, and human behavior. Recently I have been reading a lot about Habit Formation which helps me understand my own addiction and my recovery in sobriety. Habit Formation is Neuroplasticity simplified! As much as I like science, I also like simple ways of understanding things. I like to understand neuroplasticity

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