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  • Thought for the Day

    We all know there are portals into Darkness and portals into Light. If we don’t know the difference yet just a bit more experience changes that and We LEARN. Unfortunately, some of the portals, passageways, tunnels, pinholes into the Darkness are addictions that are tough to walk away from when we don’t like or even hate where we have landed. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. We feel trapped, chained, doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again and again. We start to feel like the protagonist in some Greek tragedy or like Sisyphus in an endless mythological nightmare.

  • Thought for the Day

    Drinking dulls my senses to the point where I’m not really present in my life. Sober my senses are alive.

  • Thought for the Day

    Are you Thinking about taking a break from Drinking or trying Dry July? Come Talk to Us in our quiet corner of cyber space. We are a vibrant community tucked away from the sometimes frenetic distractions of social media feeds. Private, independent, well monitored and 100% non commercial, BOOM is the community of the Boozemusings blog. Open your mind to the Possibilities ! Rethink the Drink https://boozemusingscommunity.ning.com/BoomBlog Read our public blog posts here https://www.boozemusings.com/boozemusings-blog or sign up and Talk to Us privately and anonymously here https://www.boozemusings.com/boom

  • Join Us and Rethink the Drink

    We’ve been told for years that drinking red wine and alcohol in general can do everything from lower our risk of heart disease to help us control our weight. The recent reports that alcohol actually contributes to the development of 7 types of cancer has done little to hinder the marketing of wine and alcohol as healthy, essential, and fun. Dry July turns the whole shebang on it’s head by making it healthy, essential and FUN to NOT drink for a month while raising money to help people with cancer in the process.

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