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Top Ten Alcohol-Free Internet Entertainments

10. Bake this cake: www.allfood.recipes/hummingbird-cake/ 9. Try out some AF drinks: www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=non+alcholic+drinks&len=9&rs=ac 8. Create your own website or blog: http://wordpress.com/ 7. Have a Spa party: www.pinterest.com/lacey_pentland/party-girls-spa-day/ 6. Watch a free movie: www.hulu.com 5. Read a great book free: www.gutenberg.org/ 4. Learn a new language, fun and free: www.duolingo.com/ 3. Take a college class for free:

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How I Became Alcohol-Free. Thoughts on Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis

Stopping drinking alcohol was a great plan for me – but it could never be enough on its own to sustain the action long term.When I stopped drinking alcohol I needed to undergo a process of lifestyle change and thought process change – and focus on them in order for it to work long term.

Simple Solutions to Beat the Binge Drinking Routine

During the six long years between the day I knew I needed to stop drinking, and the day I finally did, there was a lot of pain and frustration that might have been avoided if I’d known a few simple things. It is of course obvious that if you’re going to stop drinking….you have to

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This is Us

Have you ever watched the show This is Us ? It’s a series that airs in the US. A show about families in all their brokenness and loving awesomeness. If you haven’t watched it and have it available, I highly recommend it but keep the tissues close by. Last night I watched a recent episode

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